Every year these awards are given to select vehicles that attend the
Syracuse Nationals

meg winfield meg

Gene Winfield, a car designer and builder for over 50 years, appears each year at the Syracuse Nationals, in Syracuse, N.Y., during the show he selects a winner of the annual Winfield Award, recognizing the car that he believes best represents the world of auto customization. Months prior to the start of the annual show at the New York State Fairgrounds, Winfield painstakingly selected 6 cars from a field of dozens, for final consideration.

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Designers Dozen

Murray Pfaff from Detriot organizes a group of celebrity judges to nominate 100 vehicles. On Saturday the field will be narrowed to 16 vehicles to be awarded a commemorative jacket and custom award!

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Dave Tucci of TUCCI Hot Rods presents his 2017 Picks

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top 100

Street Rodder Magazine selects ten cars at the Syracuse Nationals.

The ten cars will become part of the coveted, top 100
in the country. At the end of the show season one of the
100 will be selected as the best rod in the country!

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ford in a ford

Awards were presented by Street Rodder Magazine.

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fun awards

Every year these fun awards are given out in various fields to select cars.

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