Back Yard Build-Off

This fifth annual “Back-Yard Build Off” will be the "King of Kings Build Off" and take place at the 2017 PPG Syracuse Nationals. Winning builders from past Back-Yard Build Offs will be welcomed back to unveil their new never-before-seen creations on Friday morning at 10am in the Ol' Skool Rodz building. The winner will be decided by popular voting by everyone at the Syracuse Nationals!
Sponsored by: Kammer Towing

Meet the 2017 builders:

Danny Matton
building: 1925 Ford Model T - Two door sedan

Corey Kolz

Jared Walker

More to come...

The purpose of the Ol' Skool Roundup Back Yard Build-Off is to bring back the tradition of Hot Rod and Custom building as it was in the early days.  As in the early days of hot rodding, builders used the cars and components available from junk yards, yard sales, or by whatever means available.   Most cars were small investments and driven daily.  The cars, materials, and building techniques will be the same or similar to those used during the hey days of old school hot rods.

Back Yard Build-Off rules:

  1. $5,000 spending limit on the Build-Off project vehicle. Documentation of expenses must be available for inspection.
  2. Car bodies will be 1959 and earlier
  3. Engines will be 1973 or earlier and fitted in the earlier tradition. i.e.: no fuel injected engines or electronic ignitions.
  4. Chassis and suspension must be period correct. No airbags or other high-tech suspension systems.
  5. No product or monetary sponsors of any kind.
  6. All work must be started and completed by the car owner.
  7. Vehicle must be built of all steel parts.
  8. Billet components are not allowed.
  9. Each builder must start with a brand new project.  No previously started projects.
  10. Finished vehicle must run and be road worthy.
  11. Syracuse Nationals staff reserves the right to inspect the vehicle during the Build-Off process.
  12. Build-Off participants must be 16 years or older.  Professional builders are excluded.
  13. Vehicle must unveiled for the first time at the Syracuse Nationals.  Vehicles are not allowed to be on display, photographed, or shown on social media before event.
  14. During the Build-Off voting period, only the Build Off participant is allowed behind voting tables. Participants and/or friends and family members will not interact with the voting officials and/or volunteers.
  15. Participants must exhibit an attitude and demeanor that reflects positively on the Ol Skool Rockabilly Roundup and the Syracuse Nationals at all times.
  16. The Syracuse Nationals staff and/or Ol' Skool Rockabilly Roundup staff reserve the right to disqualify any participant who violates any of the above rules.
  17. Sportsmanship and fair play is essential.
  18. No cry babies.